Dakota's Blessings 

God Answers Our Prayers

Trust In The Lord
There's nothing like the joy of a pet!

Hi my name is Chelsea. My fiance and I got blessed last year with our little girl Ava, she came after the loss of our son. During the time of losing our son Weston, we found and fell in love with our therapy mini goldendoodle Winchester. He helped us in ways we didn't know was possible after the loss of a child. He was literally a shoulder to cry on. After about a year of having him, we knew we needed another goldendoodle in our life. That's when Holly came into our family. These dogs are our blessing in disguise , just as much as Ava is.  

Goldendoodles are such loving, caring, friendly, and nurturing dogs. God made these animals, knowing they would help so many peoples and families lives out no matter what circumstances they were going through. You can not go wrong with this amazing breed!!